Projects of building parts

Collaboration between architects, engineers, interior designers and other professionals is important when planning and implementing construction projects in cultural buildings, cinemas and theatres. Ensuring compliance with safety regulations and standards is also a key essential for the successful completion of these projects.

Here are general examples of such projects:

Theater spaces:

Theater space construction projects include the planning and design of theaters, auditoriums, stages, and backstage areas. The architecture of these spaces is designed to provide appropriate comfort and views for the audience while allowing efficient operations for actors and technical staff.

Acoustics design is a key factor for theatre spaces to achieve the optimum performance experience for the audience and ensure sound quality for the performers.


Construction projects for movie theaters focus on creating an environment that allows for comfortable movie viewing. This includes seating design, screen layout and sound system for an optimal movie experience.

Proper lighting in cinema halls is also an important factor, allowing the audience to find their seats comfortably while minimizing reflections on the screen.

Culture houses:

Cultural house construction projects are usually complex, incorporating multi-purpose spaces such as exhibition halls, conference rooms, restaurants and more.

These projects seek to combine aesthetics and functionality to provide a suitable setting for a wide range of cultural events, from exhibitions and concerts to conferences and parties.

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