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Stage equipment

Curtains and drapes: Curtains and drapes are important components of the theatre and stage environment, allowing not only the aesthetic and practical arrangement of the stage, but also the organisation of performances and events. We supply: Scenery (Torso): Heavy curtains used to cover the entire stage. Vorhang: Lighter curtains used in front of or behind the backdrops. Extensions: curtains that are added on top of existing ones to complete the scenery or modify them. Proscenium Curtains: Placed near the proscenium, the main part of the stage. Side Curtains: Placed at the sides of the stage to shade the side sections.

Control Systems: Software and hardware systems for coordinating and automating stage elements. Benefits of these systems in practice: Accuracy and Fluency: ensure precise timing and smooth running of the performance. Efficiency and Reliability: automation reduces errors and increases operational reliability. Flexibility: different scenarios can be programmed and quickly changed as needed.

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