Electrical installation projects

Power and low current electrical installation projects in cinemas, theatres and cultural venues involve the planning, installation and maintenance of electrical systems that are critical to the operation of these venues. High current installations ensure proper distribution of electrical power for lighting, sound systems and operating equipment. Low-current installations cover security systems, audio-visual equipment, data networks and communication systems.

Here are general examples of these projects:

High-current electrical installation:

Electrical wiring in buildings: installation and maintenance of electrical systems for lighting, outlets, air conditioning, elevators, HVAC and other appliances in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Power Distribution: installation of switchgear, transformers and other power distribution equipment in buildings and industrial facilities.

Security Systems: Installation and maintenance of fire detectors, fire alarm systems, CCTV systems and other equipment to ensure the security of buildings and premises.

Industrial electrical installation: installation of electrical systems for industrial equipment, machinery and production lines, including control and automation equipment.

Low-current electrical installation:

Network and telecommunications systems: installation and maintenance of cabling for telecommunications networks, internet, telephony, LAN and WAN networks, and other communications infrastructure.

Security and surveillance systems: installation of alarm systems, access control, CCTV, motion detectors and other building and premises security equipment.

Audio-visual systems: installation of speakers, projectors, displays, microphones and other equipment for audio-visual presentations and entertainment in conference rooms, cinemas, theatres and other venues.

These projects require careful planning, proper sizing, safety precautions and compliance with relevant technical standards and regulations. Collaboration with architects, engineers and other professionals is often essential to the successful execution of electrical installation projects.

High current:

Electrical lighting installation: includes the installation of lighting equipment for scenes, halls and corridors, including spotlights, light panels and ceiling lights. This includes controlling the light intensity and colour spectrum to achieve the desired ambience.Electrical lighting installation: Includes the installation of lighting equipment for scenes, halls and corridors, including spotlights, light panels and ceiling lights. This includes controlling the intensity of light and its colour spectrum to achieve the desired atmosphere.

Sound systems: installation of sound equipment for the auditorium and security to ensure quality sound for performances and presentations. This may include loudspeakers, amplifiers and sound systems.

Video systems: installation of projection equipment, screens and other video systems for projection of films, presentations and multimedia content.

Weak current:

Security systems: installation of CCTV systems, fire detectors, alarms and access controls to ensure the safety of spectators and staff.

Communication systems: installation of telephone lines, wireless networks and intercoms for communication between employees and event management.

Automation and control systems: implementation of systems for automatic control of lighting, sound and other equipment, allowing efficient management of operations and easy switching between different modes of operation.

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