Theatre technique

Theatre technique encompasses a wide range of equipment and technologies used in the production of theatrical performances. Theatre technique is a very complex field that requires coordination and precise control of all these elements to achieve the desired effects and experience for the audience.

Theatrical Techniques Used by Us

Lighting equipment

Lighting equipment

Reflectors: different types of reflectors (e.g. PAR, Fresnel reflectors, profile reflectors).
Smart lights: Moving heads, LED lights, scanners.
Control desks: Light desks for controlling the lighting system.

Sound engineering

Stage equipment

Curtains and drapes: control and manipulation of stage curtains and drapes.
Control systems: software and hardware systems for coordinating and automating stage elements.

Stage technique

Sound engineering

Microphones: handheld, headset, lavalier (lapel), condenser and dynamic microphones.
Loudspeakers and amplifiers: stage and auditorium sound systems.
Mixing consoles: sound mixing consoles for controlling sound during performances.
Wireless systems: Wireless microphones and in-ear monitors.

Audiovizuální technika

Audiovisual equipment

Projectors and screens: for projecting videos, projections and effects on stage.
Camera systems.

Bezpečnostní vybavení

Safety equipment

Fire protection: smoke detectors, fire extinguishers.
Safety barriers: protective equipment for actors and technical staff.

Scénická technika

Stage technique

Scenery and props: production and handling of scenery, props and decorations.
Stage machinery: equipment for moving scenery (e.g. turntables, lifts, moves).
Ropes and pulleys: For handling props and scenery.



Here you will find our work in the field of theatre technology, renovation of cultural facilities and construction projects that we have completed in recent years.

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