Rekonstrukce v divadle Mír

Reconstruction of the interior of the Peace Theatre

As a proud partner of the Mír Theatre, we actively supported their ambitious interior reconstruction project.

Work on the theatre’s renovation began in June 2023 and was completed at an incredibly fast pace in just 5 months, specifically on October 13, 2023. The original plan was to focus only on technical upgrades and replacing the HVAC system to improve the theatre environment for the audience, without any noticeable impact on them. However, once we embarked on the project, we decided not to proceed with just the surface improvements. In fact, in addition to replacing the HVAC system, we also transformed the foyer, the actors’ dressing rooms and the stage itself. In addition, we installed a ramp on the stage for new intelligent lighting that dramatically improves the atmosphere for the audience and the actors. These changes are now noticeable from the moment you enter the theatre and add to its appeal.

Albert Čuba, one of the participants, shared his feelings about the reconstruction, “Personally, I still like the acting background the best…”

During the reconstruction we focused on the following modifications to the theatre equipment and technology:

  • Complete renovation of the stage
  • Modernization of the air conditioning system
  • Installation of a ramp for new lighting
  • Improvements to the actors’ facilities
  • Painting of the premises

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