TECHARTSTAV - Klub Zubří rekonstrukce kulturního zařízení

Club Zubří – reconstruction

Realisation: 2024
Investor: Zubří Town

Our company TECHARTSTAV a.s. won the tender in 2022 for the amount exceeding 78 million CZK. CZK incl. VAT on the reconstruction of the internal premises of the Zubří Club, which was subsidized by the Ministry for Regional Development in the amount of CZK 20 million. CZK.

The final price of the Club’s reconstruction came to CZK 88 million. CZK incl. Due to the age of the building, which was built in 1958 as a factory club of the Zubří Rubber Works, it was necessary to solve a number of hidden problems, which were successfully overcome during the reconstruction.

And what did we deliver to the Zubří Club for this price?

  • Modern, acoustically sophisticated multifunctional hall with a capacity of up to 238 spectators for cinema projection in digital quality.
  • Efficient retractable auditorium for maximum multifunctionality.
  • Superior audiovisual equipment in the large auditorium with professional facilities for staff.
  • A small hall with a stage on the first floor with a capacity of 50 people equipped with audio and video technology.
  • New efficient air conditioning unit including ductwork throughout the building.
  • Dressing rooms with facilities for performers and the public.
  • Complete new wiring.
  • A new look for the lobby and other corridors on the floors of the building.

What theatrical technologies, techniques and construction work did we use?

  • High-current technology: electrical installation work (switchboards, cabling, luminaires, sockets, etc.).
  • Low-current technology: ethernet networks, EZS, camera system.
  • AV equipment: hall audio equipment, overhead equipment, mobile projection, induction loop for hearing impaired, mobile mixing desk, mobile and stationary. Speakers, connection points, inspections.
  • Lighting – stage lighting, spot moving heads, LED spotlights, work and emergency lighting.
  • Machine technology: steel structures, brackets, motorized strokes, stage technology structures, gantry towers, lighting batteries.
  • Fabric equipment: curtain, fabric covers, scarves, horizons, taxiways.
  • Sliding stage (telescopic bleacher system).
  • Spatial acoustics: acoustic tiles, acoustic ceilings, fabric equipment for acoustic treatment.
  • Fireproofing of fabric equipment.
  • Automation technology: stage lighting control, dimming of hall lighting..

We know from the very positive feedback not only from local citizens and visitors that we have carried out a very successful reconstruction and that Zubří has one of the most modern cultural stands in the area, which many towns and villages can envy.

You can watch the presentation video here: Club Zubří

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