Stavební úpravy a elektro práce v kině

Cinema Mír 70 Krnov

Realization: 2020
Investor: Town of Krnov

Building modifications and electrical works in the cinema within the project “Modernisation of AV technology ATMOS in cinema Mír 70 Krnov”.

The building from 1903 – Kino Mír 70 in Krnov is one of the few cinemas that is able to show films from 70mm tape (previously used format of film footage with better image quality than today’s 35mm wide prints)

As part of the modernization of the ATMOS AV technology, we carried out structural modifications and the electrical part of the power supply rack with ATMOS equipment. This included fitting the cinema with Ecophon acoustic cladding, fabrication and installation of ironwork for mounting the audio assemblies.

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